How to Show Your Gratitude to Improve Employee Retention

Gratitude goes a long way, especially in helping you to improve your employee retention.

single employeeBeing grateful of your employees hard work actually helps them perform better. When you were still a child, the moment you received a “thank you” from your mom for cleaning your room or helping in tidying up the living room makes you want to do more. You feel good about yourself. This goes truer if she offers to give you a treat. Now that you run your own business, showing your gratitude can also help make the employees feel good about them and improve their work performance.

To help you show how grateful you are for their hard work and effort, here are ways to do it.

1. Commendation

When an employee is commended for a good performance, he feels good and does better at work. If you are managing him, you can commend him for a job well done. As an employer you can also commend him to a certain department head especially if you see the employee’s potential at a certain task and wish to reassign him.

2. Providing benefits

Do you know that the benefits you provide can help with employee retention?

There are some companies that may have certain benefits but one that provides retirement benefits, separate from their social security benefits, is one way to keep them in. That is because they see how their loyalty is valued. Providing certain benefits, and even improving it, make them feel how much their efforts are appreciated.

3. Giving rewards

Rewards can be another way of showing your appreciation and help improve employee retention. For a hard worker, especially one who seems to do work beyond the 9 to 5 shift, it is best to provide them a days off not just when asked. You may also offer them a vacation package which they can use with their family or friends.

Always watch over your employees’ performance. Reward those who have worked hard regardless of their position in your office.

4. Privileges

It can be touching to give your employees gifts during their special day. Of course there are some employers who can’t give every employee a gift. However, there are instances when their office mates do plan a certain surprise for them even in the office. Such employees are those who show their optimism at work and even works well with other employees.

employee retentionAllow them to have this from time to time. This is to show how much you value their performance at work especially how they work well with others. This also gives you a chance to show them you are open and are willing to listen in case they need anything that can help them perform better at work. But if you really want to acknowledge their special day, you can always give them a card.

There are also times where you can provide them with free lunch during group meetings, especially the long ones. This will help them brainstorm more effectively and see they are well taken care of.

5. Improve their work area

One way to show your appreciation for their work is by making sure their area can help them work effectively. You can provide better lighting, more comfortable chairs, more efficient working tables, and even a coffee maker inside the office.

Showing how grateful you are can help improve your employee retention rate. This makes them feel good and well taken care of that they are happy to work for you and for the success of the company. Never belittle the power of what a “thank you” means to them.